*** I accidentally hit the publish post on the wrong thing!  I never had an  intention of posting this (not to mention it’s unfinished)  but since it is already immortalized in everyone’s blog readers there is not much point in taking it down.  Gotta love the immortal internet!****

This summer has become the story of my transition to having four children.  No, that’s not true.  I’m re-transitioning to life with a toddler and a baby, only this time I have older kids to make things a bit easier.

You can’t have a baby and a toddler at the same time and not feel a bit like you are in a “season” that requires stamina and grace.  This morning I nursed Evie to sleep while wrestling Jack away from the button that turns the radio on on the alarm clock.  And after I put her in the crib asleep, he ran in her (our) room and hid, giggling loudly.

Such is life.  Such is my life anyway.

Unlike many (most?) people, I anticipate most of my fertile years to be spent in seasons like this one*. This means that I have to push myself to embrace the fact that this. life.  Kids on counters.  Babies crowding me while I sleep.  A pack of little people descending with demands all at once.  This is my life.

It is a great life.  It is a beautiful life.  It is a very full life!  But is most certainly NOT an easy life.  It doesn’t let me get comfortable and I spend a great deal more time than I would like feeling stretched and stressed and trying to live small when I need to live big.

I’m learning to live all in


*We believe in the Catholic understanding of what love is and embrace what that means in regard to love within marriage. I.e. we don’t use artificial contraception and practice Natural Family Planning (NFP) to space births as needed.

First Grade Plans


Though I’m feeling gun shy about homeschooling again this year, selecting a curriculum is a lot of fun.

I was looking forward to attending the local homeschool conference this year and even arranged for Mr. S. to get off work and watch the kids, but instead of going, I ended up traveling out of state for a funeral.  I was disappointed because I would have liked to have seen some of the different curricula in person now that I’m more familiar with how Roo operates in regard to school.  Oh well!  The internet is a beautiful research tool, right?


I jumped online and poked around at various companies to see what was available in the realm of boxed curricula.  Some of them looked appealing but cost nearly $1000 and others were cheap but I doubted their ability to sustain our attention.  I knew I could swap out certain subjects in a boxed curricula for other things, but I still couldn’t find something that spoke to me.  The reason I was looking around was that part of me wanted to scrap everything I did last year and start fresh, but then when I thought about it, I realized that I chose the curricula I used last year for a reason and it might be a better use of my time to build on what we did last year.  Re-evaluate not so much what I taught, but how I taught it.


Since there is a rule that you if you homeschool and you blog, you have to share what you are doing, here’s my plan for the year:

Five In A Row (Vol. 2):

In FIAR, you read the same children’s book every day for a week (hence the name) and use the book as a jumping off point for studying social studies, geography, applied math, art, etc.  I really love this style of homeschooling and I think it allows for a lot of flexibility and fantastic exploratory learning.  Also, it allows for more than one child to get involved.  However, it requires planning and organization on my part to get the most out of it.

We used it briefly it last year and I made the mistake of trying to save money by getting most of the books from the library. I think that was my major downfall because I had way too much on my mental plate to plan things week by week. The books were hard to find and I got discouraged.  This time around, I purchased the whole set of books.  I priced them out used on Amazon to see if I could do the program on the cheap and found that there was only a fifteen dollar difference between scavenging for used books and buying a brand new set.  I hope to do the grunt work of planning for seventeen books/weeks before we even begin.  Kind of like meal planning — I want to stock the pantry and know what else I’ll need and when.

Basically Five in a Row is going to be my overarching framework.  My catch all.

STILL, I learned last year that while FIAR can be comprehensive, I need a little help with some subjects.

Enter the local home school co-op…

Co-op: Science, History/Geography, Memory Works

Roo will be doing three classes.  I anticipate doing some history and geography and science in the context of FIAR, but I like knowing I can prioritize other subjects and she’ll still get what she needs.

I don’t know yet what books they’ll be using.  I do know that the Science is taught by a former teacher and that the Memory Works is being taught by a woman who has had some sort of special training in the art of memorization.  (Memorization is a big aspect of the classical approach to education, but I have little confident in Roo’s receptivity to my instruction in that regard.)

There is some degree of parental involvement necessary to be part of the co-op and I’m toying with the idea of lining up a babysitter for Jack on those days to reduce my stress level and allow for some semblance of socialization.

Miquon Math and

After seeking advice from my all-important facebook forum of homeschooling mom-friends, I’m going to change math curriculum and do Miquon Math.  The main draw for me is that it is cheaper than many of the big names and favored by mothers I trust who don’t have a lot of time to devote to teaching math. is a website that does math drills.  Throwing it in here and there should be a nice change of pace.

Explode the Code

I used this program for phonics last year and it worked fine.  It’s not very expensive and relatively self-explanatory.  If it ain’t broke, as they say.

I’m not sure if I’ll need to add spelling into the mix?  I’m thinking that will come about organically with everything else we’re doing and we can get more formal about it next year.



That’s my tentative plan for curricula so far.  The reason I mention the general affordability of books is because I have come to learn that the cost of homeschooling materials can quickly get out of control.  The more I spend on books, the less there is to spend on supplies and extracurriculars.

Oh, and I plan to include ZouZou in FIAR and start her with All About Reading.  She’s signed up for pre-ballet and story time at the co-op.

My apologies for not providing links to the books.  With seemingly endless interruptions, I’ve probably already spent six hours trying to write this post.  My writing/posting is such a mess lately, it’s tempting to give up blogging altogether!

P.S.  The pictures are of bags of beads and blocks I discovered at a local thrift shop. They were marked five dollars a bag and as I stood in line to check out someone gave me a five dollar off coupon! The girls sorted them out and filled up four gallon-sized bags with beads, wood blocks, foam shapes, and plastic blocks that attach to each other.  

The New Twigs, July 2014

Gosh, my personal web time is crazy sporadic lately as I usually function with the Kindle during the day and it is not at all conducive to writing more than a sentence or two.  Also, it refuses to delete in combox typing and I find myself trying to comment on friend’s blogs and such and then trashing whatever it was I was trying to say because I really, really, really need that backspace button!  Oh dear online friends.  I have not abandoned you, in case you wondered.

:: settling into the house ::


This is our new retro porch glider.  My sister gave it to us and I brought it back after the funeral in the empty minivan. No lie.  I think it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever and cannot believe that she was going to kick it to the curb!  It has a matching table and I want to make cushions.  Colorful ones.

I don’t feel like we’ve done much lately to pretty up the house, but since the last post — which was quite a while ago — I have finally made the girls’ curtains.


 When I went to take a picture of the curtains I realized that ZouZou had a sleeping bag hanging next to her head to keep out the light so I made this house looking curtain for her bed.


I still want to put curtains inside the “window” so that she can open and close them as her heart desires.

Also, we (a term I use rather liberally seeing as Mr. S. has done absolutely everything, lol) finished the nightstands and we put them into our bedroom yesterday! Our bedroom needs more personalizing and color, but it’s getting there.




:: settling into the neighborhood ::

I have a bunch of photos with our neighbors in them, but I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of other people on the blog without permission.  Suffice to say, we’ve been hanging out with our neighbors and we enjoy them immensely.  (Um, I need to interrupt this post to inform you that I am now eating a root beer float of epic proportions thanks to Mr. S. who apparently makes only serious floats.)

The girls and Mr. S. walked down with everybody to the fireworks and this is what the crowds looked like.



:: settling into the community ::

Okay, truth be told, I’m sitting over the cold air vent in the kitchen and now I am totally over this post because I’m eating ice cream and freezing to death.  But I HAVE to finish for goodness sake!

Good news!  I got a library card. And I even have overdue library books now.

WP_20140616_16_13_40_ProPhew.  Gotta go find a blanket.  Ciao! 





WP_20140630_19_24_12_ProWhen I look in the mirror lately, it is as though someone else is looking back at me.  I am past my prime and my mind’s eye is in denial.  When I get all gussied up for an event and even on regular days when I manage to keep up with personal hygiene, I feel vibrant and young and enchanting…and then I catch my reflection or see a picture of myself and think Good grief!  Who is that haggard looking female with the stringy hair and horse teeth?

Oh no!  It’s me.

I have no complaints really.  I just thought I’d share that I am thinking about it.  The process of aging.

This roadmap of a body that I call my own has begun to tell the story of all of the places it has been.  The miles it has walked and the babies it has nursed and the glasses of ice tea it probably shouldn’t have drank.  In myself I see that the rosy youthfulness is gone.  Something about its passing makes me sad.  Perhaps my pride is hurt and I am faced with a greater sense of my own insignificance.  I fear invisibility.

And yet I have this growing respect for the human body and how amazing it really is.  Yes my hips are a little bit wack now, but they carried four babies to term and separated to give birth to them.  Sure my lips are thin (truth be told they never were one of my better features) but they have spent years and years allowing me to express my love.  When I die I want a tally of all of the kisses and smiles that came from these lips!  I hope it’s an astronomically high number and that I have worn away my youth in the best possible manner.

Now that things are all downhill I am thinking a glorified body in heaven sounds all the better, but in the meantime, I am striving to keep things in perspective over here and to be grateful.

And when I fail at that, I shall take consolation in the fact that I do have very nice feet.

The Fourth Of July From My Couch

I’m “alone” in the house tonight, which is to say that Evie and Jack are asleep and Mr. S. and the girls have walked down with the neighbors to watch the Fourth of July fireworks show.  For months now, the laptop has been immobile due to the fact that we have to attach a keyboard to it in order to use it.  Thank Jack.  He picked off all of the laptop keys.  But tonight, I’ve perched the laptop on a chair in front of the couch and perched the keyboard on my legs as I sit “Indian Style” (that’s probably politically incorrect now, isn’t it?  How else do you describe?).  The keyboard is sort of sliding towards me and my wrists have nothing to rest on, but I am much more comfortable writing here then at the table in the glaring light.  It is silent in the house for the first time in ages and I am soaking it in.  I had badly wanted to go to the fireworks with everyone else, but this consolation prize is exactly what I really needed.  It seems like it has been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to be still.

Nevermind.  The fireworks started and woke up Jack.  While I went in to him, Evie woke up and since I didn’t sooth her right away, she didn’t fall back asleep.  The noise it pretty loud as they light them off about a half mile away.  Evie is playing on the floor now.  I am disappointed but at least she is a happy companion.

I should be packing bags for the kids and I.  We are driving the not quite four hour (but will take us longer than that) trip to my parents this weekend while Mr. S. works.  My friend is getting married Saturday morning.  Evie and I were at my parent’s last weekend for the funeral of a family friend and I would be lying if I said I am looking forward to making the trek all over again less than a week later.  Evie is a great traveler when she is sleeping and she sleeps very well in the car, but when she is awake, at least alone in the car with me, she cries and cries and cries.  I haven’t traveled by myself with the older kids in about a year and am rather intimidated by the prospect of doing it again now that it is four kids to one adult.  The trip isn’t terribly far and I know I will be fine, but I dread it.  The interstates are under heavy construction and my only hope is that the work will cease over the holiday weekend and we’ll have moderately good driving conditions.

When we went to get the air conditioner fixed on the minivan, we discovered that it was a major expense and were not able to have it done.  Since I do a relatively small amount of driving, it isn’t a crisis on an everyday basis, but I did end up renting a small car to drive to Michigan last Friday and came back with my Mom’s minivan.  I didn’t want to risk getting stuck in a backup on the highway in 90 degree weather with a baby in the backseat.  We’ll drive my mom’s car back tomorrow and then she’ll bring us back next week.  Thank goodness.  I am happy to have another adult at my side for the second half of the trip.

Evie is crying again so I will wrap this up and see what can be done for the poor tired child.  The fireworks are still booming away.  It’s the grande finale. 


Can you even mention the word smorgasbord without the rat Templeton’s song at the fair in the animated Charlotte’s Web getting stuck in your head for days?

Me neither.  And you are welcome.


I miss the ease of blogging in times past when there was only one or two kidlets on the radar for me chat about.  It was infinitely easier to put together a post on what’s going on around here!  Nowadays, it feels like there is waaaaay too much happening all at once and I don’t even know where to start.  So much to say.  So little brain left.



Today, Evie scooched.  Once.  She’s been rolling around for two months now and is quite proficient at getting where she wants to go.  If you leave her alone on the living room floor, you have to go looking for her when you get back because she has rolled ten feet away from her starting point or disappeared — half under some piece of furniture.  She can also pivot sideways, like a needle on a compass.  It occurs to me that she might start crawling at a ridiculously early age and I’ve been testing my luck by putting toys a few inches out of her reach to see if she’ll move forward to get them.  Well, today, it happened.  She dug her big toe into the carpet and pushed her chubby mini-whale shape body ahead two inches.  Let the games begin!


For those of you with a baby near to Evie’s age who is not quite as mobile, take comfort in the fact that Evie has absolutely no interest in using her stomach muscles and will likely never sit unattended.  When you put her in a Bumbo, she refuses to sit up.  The ground is much more interesting!  And those toes!



We are on a stay-cation this week and it makes me anxious that the whole week might go by without us doing anything important.  Isn’t that silly?  Why isn’t simple relaxation good enough for a vacation?  You know what the problem is?  I like adventures.  My husband, on the other hand, only leaves the house when it is absolutely necessary and without children if possible.  This means that one of us has to be unhappy either way and since I am a much more pleasant unhappy person, I’m gonna volunteer for that position.


Or perhaps I will insist on one family outing.





When we started making-over our bedroom earlier this year I bought a white duvet cover.  Yes, me.  The mother of that child in the last picture and the woman who lives in a ranch style home whose bedroom is in dangerous proximity to all things stain-producing.  And guess what?  I love it.  I love it because it reminds me to draw the line.  To hold one place sacred.

Ye children may run rampant through my house, but don’t you dare play tag on Momma’s white linens with your dirty little feet!



Jack loves freshly washed bedding.  I know because yesterday he ate toast with strawberry jelly and then secretly wiped his face all along the end of white duvet.  Must have felt heavenly against his face.



A car full of girls.


Almost 1 a.m. here.  Must. Stop.

Goodnight dear friends!


The New Twigs, June 2014

*Evie is going through one of those light sleeping phases where she wakes up by the half hour at night and nurses (it feels like) all night long. It’s been going on for a few nights now but all of my kids have done this at one time or another and I’m not really going to bother trying any parental gymnastics to remedy the situation. In light of the fact that I am likely to get summoned several times this evening by little miss perpetu-rooter, I might have to publish this post in rough form just to accomplish one ever-bloomin’ thing today!* 


:: settling into the house ::

First off, the Florida trip (to make some extra cash) has been canceled so I don’t have to think about the floors anymore.  Mr. S. is still going to take next week off for a stay-cation and I’m hoping that maybe I can convince him to tear out the carpet in the girl’s bedroom because I’m 99% sure there’s hardwood underneath.  He’ll need to rent something to grind off the staples from the carpet pad as I’m assuming they stapled it to the hardwood like they did in the kitchen.


this magic moment brought to you by, sad to say, Sponge Bob Square Pants

After many years of transient living, I decided that I will no longer stand for anyone sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  If you recall, Jack’s toddler mattress was needed for Miss E. and he had a twin mattress ready and waiting for use.  It did not have a frame of any kind and though we are now needing to be more careful with ye old debit card (a.k.a. cancelled extra cash Florida trip), I grabbed something inexpensive online for him (I’d have thrifted one if I had the time, but alas) so that he can graduate to a big boy bed in style!

WP_20140610_16_50_39_ProYou’ll find this particular model on Amazon.  It’ll be the one with the review that says something to the effect of “I put this bed together with the help of four children ages six and under.  All of the parts fit nicely, though I found the 22 metal rod bed slats to be too difficult for a toddler to assemble (not for lack of effort).  It only took a couple of hours to finish, but I’m sure it could be put together much faster without a four-month-old in arms as it is difficult to protect a baby from waving bed slats in the hands of a two-year-old.” Five stars.

WP_20140611_12_34_31_Pro It’s a glorified toddler bed, really.  I was planning to put something around it to keep him from sticking a leg through the sides but then I realized that the slats are probably exactly the right size for a small child to get their head stuck and strapped that crib bumper on there ASAP.  I might have to make a fabric casing or something to be on the safe side.  For now, the bumper is a reasonable solution.

Evie has a big girl bed now.  She took one less than stellar nap in it today.


In other news, we only had a few bean plants and a few pea plants come up in our vegetable garden, even after a couple of tries.  Perhaps something is digging up our seeds.  We bought pepper plants and a tomato and had to cage those to protect them from munchers.  The squash-like seeds did come up but it looks like they are getting eaten too.  The old owners had put chicken wire fence all along the chain link but it doesn’t seem to be doing a lick of good.  Mr. S. bought some more and I have a feeling he’ll be pulling it out this weekend to make more cages.


The garden a couple of weeks ago.


The raspberries you see in the picture are starting to ripen.  The kids have free reign to eat them all!  Or whatever the birds don’t get.  The netting we need to protect them from the birds is on the pricey side.  Maybe next year.


:: settling into the neighborhood ::

We’ve had more opportunities to chat with the neighbors and get to know them.  The older couple that live next door continue to be absolutely awesome.

Remember how I said there is a homeschool family living down the street?  I saw them!  They were taking an evening stroll around the block.  If I had been out in my yard I totally would have walked over and introduced myself.

:: settling into the community ::

I still haven’t gotten a library card.  It’s on my to-do list for next week.  I don’t know why I hate going to new libraries.

WP_20140609_20_45_16_ProFrom that list, I’m sure you can tell we’re going to have a really glamorous staycation.

As for swimming lessons, the first one was cancelled this week due to inclement weather but I didn’t find out until the kids were already packed into the car and so we went exploring and found a new park instead.

WP_20140609_12_37_24_ProWorst park for small children EVER.

Our new schedule for the summer is low key as that is pretty much the extent of what I can handle.  Monday will be swim lesson day and Thursday will be Park and Pray day with the local Catholic homeschool group.  Every week during the summer they meet at a park and pray the rosary, picnic, and let the kids go wild.  We went last week and the kids loved it.  I felt right at home too and it was nice to not only socialize but get recommendations for what to do around here.  I recognized several of the moms from that co-op we tried last year and met a few new people.  When they asked where I live and found out I live down the street from the other homeschool family, the first reaction was “BEST BABYSITTERS EVER!”   Too funny.




This Weekend Is Mine!

WP_20140530_14_15_13_ProThis week, this week — I was in such a mood!  You know how every once in a while you wanna sort of run away but you can’t so you stay in your pajamas and mope around a lot?  And wonder why, oh why?!, you can’t seem to find a moment’s rest even when you find a moment’s rest.  (And why, oh why?!, all of the children suddenly think it’s totally acceptable to waken before 7 a.m.????)

While my husband and I laid in bed this morning waiting for the other one to get up, I declared that I’m going to get something done this weekend!  This weekend will not be dedicated solely to going to Home Depot and the mowing of the lawn, my friends.

WP_20140527_16_54_49_ProThere will be sewing!  I have twenty-five yards of fabric waiting to be used and a burning desire to make home right now.  One of my favorite bloggers is doing a series/book study on the subject and I am very much inspired to pretty up the house. After this week, a little sewing therapy couldn’t hurt, either.

Well friends, in the meantime, I’m off to make oatmeal and soothe the Evie…

Do you have plans for a wonderful weekend of rest and accomplishment? I hope so!

~ Liz



A Job Update


A pea plant sprouting in our garden

I realize that after all of the drama and trauma and time I spent yapping away on this blog about law school and job hunting and all of the rest, I owe an update on how things are going in the employment department and I’ve been working on this post for weeks.  Months? It has been weirdly challenging to write because I have to be vague for the sake of anonymity and out of respect for my husband’s privacy.  I want to say more, and yet less?, but here’s what I ended up with…

How do we like the new schedule?

Mr. S. is working 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Until he gets seniority (aka, they hire more people), this will be his shift.  We don’t love this shift, for obvious reasons, but he’s always home for bedtime. Sadly, we can’t do family dinners as the earliest he ever arrives home is 7:20 and we try to get the kids into their rooms by 8:15 or so.  He comes home for lunch three or four days a week though and we love that!


Mr. S. after work walking down to see us at the park.

How does he like the work itself?

If you recall, he is in the conflicts department at a law firm.  It’s a big firm.  By big, I mean their revenue was in ten digit figures last year.  All of their new business matters go through his relatively small department which means no lawyer in the firm (and there are over a thousand of them) is allowed to do work before it is vetted by the team that Mr. S. is part of.  Because of the sheer size of the firm, there is a relentless amount of work to do and the work is often difficult to understand and process. They also do the grunt work needed to clear conflicts, like drafting consents or finding out if they can rely on advanced waivers. (I pretend to know what this means.  You can smile and nod too, if you’d like.) It is interesting work as he gets to find out about mergers, bankruptcies, law suits, and even new products before the news hits the media.  Not that he can talk about it.  Confidentiality and whatnot.  Overall, he says it is by far the most stressful and mentally draining work he has ever done.  I can tell he takes pride in his work by the conversations he has with people about what he does, but I know he comes home most days feeling like his brain is total mush and trying not to obsess over whether or not he took care of everything the way he was supposed to.  He has started taking an mp3 player and listening to music in the office and he said that has helped.  Gardening has turned into a good stress reliever.

How does he like working for a big firm?

Mr. S. is in a unique position for an underling in a big firm because he is in direct contact with everyone from the greenest new associates to the managing partners of the firm.  As you can imagine, they are a high-strung bunch.  Thankfully his department is treated with a degree of deference and his bosses are quick to manage the lawyers when they get out of line — whether that means putting them in their place or smoothing down ruffled feathers.  In his position he basically has six bosses and some are better than others.  There is one in particular who tends to make his life miserable (throw him under the bus for their mistake, etc.) and Mr. S. gets very, very, very happy when that particular boss is away for a week.  As far as coworkers go, there is a lot of petty drama in the office.  Typical of an office full of stressed out people in cubicles, I assume.


Where do we see ourselves in the company in five years?

Mr. S. has limited mobility in the firm because he does not hail from an ivy league law school or have an impressive political career behind him.  In other words, he would never be promoted to a conflicts attorney.  They do try to forward good employees in other ways.  He had a review yesterday with his two immediate managers and they had nothing but good things to say about his level of work and good attitude.  In fact, he got a small raise after only nine months!  (Be still my proud heart!) That being said, he hopes to use the skill set he is learning now to someday market himself to other smaller firms who might be looking to set up a similar vetting process. Hopefully the stress of this job doesn’t get so overwhelming that he needs to move on sooner than we’re financially ready.  We did just buy a house.

How do I feel about the new job?

The stability is awesome.  I love our new living situation!  Life in general is so much more pleasant!  I am proud of him that he is proving himself and moving forward and feeling like there is hope for his career. It’s hard to evaluate the job in terms of family life because things are always challenging when there are babies in the house.  Nobody wants their husband to come home after suppertime.  I can say that overall I have to be more self sufficient in some ways. Put my big girl panties on and all that. No more whining to him over computer chat all day.  The man is finally free of me most of his working hours! I am sorting through my feelings on having a “job” that is easier than my husband’s.  Even on a day when the older kids have been driving me crazy, the toddler has destroyed everything, and the baby has been fussy, I don’t feel like I have earned any sort of standing to hand him the kids when he gets home and go take a nice hot bath or something.  He works harder and I work harder.  Such is life, right?  But it’s good.  I feel like we are in a good place right now.


Did I miss anything?

Oh, Today and Last Week and Blabbing

WP_20140602_13_12_22_ProDid you have a Monday today? Oy, I had such a Monday!  Poor Evie, she couldn’t seem to get enough sleep.  There was slinging.  Don’t be fooled.  I’m not the kind of girl that slings for the joy of it.  I sling when I must.  And I try never to must.  But it is also getting harder to put the girl in her usual haunts and walk away while she fusses.  No sooner do I set her down than this sort of thing goes on:


Or this:

WP_20140527_13_49_06_ProAnd in case you are wondering, my floor didn’t look like that today.  It was more like the indoor version of my garage.

WP_20140602_17_40_45_ProUntil later when Roo cleaned it because she has started getting MONEY for such things.


I gotta tell ya.  The girl likes herself some money.  Deep down I suspect she might even like to clean for the sake of cleaning.  She hums.  It’s cute.  Have I mentioned that I’m really digging the age of six you guys?  I enjoy Roo’s company and the way she shakes her head with me at the antics of her younger siblings.  She’s so dang capable too.  We’re finally getting to see the fruits of having older children in the house!!! (A hard earned privilege, believe you me.)

Part of the difficulty in getting back into the swing of things today was that I had three and a half days “off” the whole stay-at-home-mom thing while my family was here on Thursday and Friday and then Mr. S. was home for the rest of the weekend.  Reentry is rough.

My mom, dad, and oldest sister arrived on Thursday early afternoon and left late morning on Saturday.  On Thursday, I went to the grocery store with Evie and my sister while my parents stayed home with the kids and then we all had tacos and hung out for the rest of the night.  On Friday, my dad stayed at the house and worked on some wiring issue we had (he wanted to), while Mr. S. worked and the rest of us went to one of the local metroparks.  It was really an amazing place and we had a good time despite the fact that it was insanely hot and the air conditioning in the van is not working at all.  My poor sister!

WP_20140530_12_54_54_ProLike the genius that I am, I took them out during the hottest part of the day so my poor mother, who has had skin cancer (basil cell carcinoma, on her cheek, almost twenty years ago, treated with surgery not chemo — in case you wondered), was forced to push the stroller from shady spot to shady spot while the rest of us dilly dallied along the paths.


My family might never come back.

That reminds me.  I need to vent and I know you all are the ones who will be really sympathetic, here.  Or not.  Here’s the story anyway. My parents had a gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory which they decided to use when they visited because we have a Cheesecake Factory nearby (not to brag or anything, but we’re talking five minutes away).  Well, we decided to get some take out and what kind of cheesecake do you think they came home with?  Key Lime.  I know I am being an ungrateful wretch here, but KEY LIME?????  I seriously love cheesecake and cannot think of a single less cheesecake tasting cheesecake in all of creation.  It probably doesn’t help that I am not a fan of key lime pie, does it?


In less than a week, Jack can climb into the top bunk without a ladder or chair or anything.  He also learned to jump yesterday.  It wasn’t until I had children that I realized that jumping is a learned skill.  He is very proud of himself.  These are his favorite shoes, by the way…

WP_20140527_16_07_36_ProThey are too small but I squeeze them on. No one else can get them on him.  I’m not surprised, though.  It takes a mother’s touch.

Hmmm, what else?  What else can I chat about in this very random post with many short sentences?

We put up the full-sized crib for Evie in our room.  We’re going to throw away the old crib/toddler bed, put Jack in a twin mattress that my parents brought with the top bunk, and put the old crib mattress into the new (to us) crib we got from my parents. Oh, it’s so depressing putting a full-sized crib into your master bedroom!  They are space stealers, those darn baby cribs. Everything felt just right until it arrived and now the dresser is too close to the foot of the bed and there is furniture in front of all of the outlets and the vents are in the way and it is all wrong.  All wrong, I say!

Last night we hadn’t messed with the toddler bed yet and Jack still went to bed in it.  We are in an awkward co-sleeping stage with Evie (like there are non-awkward co-sleeping stages, haha!) and Mr. S. decided to throw that twin mattress onto the floor in Jack’s room and sleep on it himself.  Today I thought about doing the final bed transition, but then I didn’t have the heart.  Mr. S. needs his beauty sleep, ya’ll.  Let the man have the twin bed on the floor of the toddler’s room for goodness sake!

When I got married, I never thought I’d be totally fine with my husband sleeping in other rooms.  But then we had kids and I have to tell you, I’m cool with it. Yes, yes, yes, the default sleeping arrangement should be together, but it gets complicated when small child-sized bed hogs are involved.

Gosh I hate co-sleeping. If only I didn’t hate getting out of bed to nurse babies even more.

On a side note, for anyone co-sleeping in a queen-sized bed for the first time, I highly recommend being okay with your husband sleeping on the couch or guest room kind of frequently during the infant period.  He’ll probably prefer that too so that he doesn’t have to fight for four inches of mattress every night while you take up five or six inches and the smallest child in the house hogs two thirds of the bed.  I know it’s not romantic.  I promise sleeping apart won’t kill your marriage or permanently damage your emotional connection to your spouse.  Besides, take it from me *wink*, there are plenty of other places to have sex.  Or get a king-sized bed.

I told Mr. S. that we WILL be getting a king-sized bed should God decide to bless us with more offspring.

Wow.  Where did all of those tangents even come from?

It’s getting late.  I should go to bed before any other crazy stuff comes out or I feel the need to proof read whatever it was I just said.

WP_20140601_19_52_23_ProGood night!







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