It’s Good To Look Back

Growing pains.  Gosh, we are having growing pains.  Those growing character pains that you get when you choose change and that change requires more energy and hard work.

So we have this new baby and we love her to pieces but she asks (er, screams for) us to surrender more of ourselves.  And we have this new-ish job and it is what we need but it stretches us.  We are growing.  And it hurts kinda.  And we, at least I, am tempted to indulge in some drama and wonder how the heck I am going to survive this whole crazy business of living the life we have.

But then I start poking around in the archives of this blog and I remember and it throws right now into perspective.  Everybody should have a journal or a blog or something to help them see the bigger picture.  I look at my husband’s law school years and think “man, how could I have thought law school was so hard?” and I look back at some of the second shift days and think “holy crap — how can I think right now is so hard?”  It’s good to see where you have been.

But honestly, as I read through the years, my interest changes from ranking the present against the past to just being thankful for it all.

I am so incredibly thankful for our story.



This picture was taken of ZouZou
three years ago on
April 12, 2011
the day I miscarried
a week and a half before Jack was conceived
two weeks before Mr. S. was offered his first “real” job
and a month before we moved to Ohio

Many, many, many blessings to count from that moment to this one.


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